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Coding – We code your questionnaires!
  • You want to analyse thousands of questionnaires but do not have the capacity?
  • You urgently need a translation of your questionnaire and code plan?
  • During your field-work, you added two new languages that you cannot deal with yourself?

Then our coding service is exactly what you are looking for!

Coding, also known as encoding, is the assignment of numerical codes to existing text answers. Typically, this relates to market research and to the answering of open questions in questionnaires. offers coding for all types of questionnaires. The aim is to classify, and later, quantify statements and in so doing, simplify the data analysis and the presentation of results. In short, filtering of answers for the evaluation of results.

We can code the open questions on your questionnaire. Classification of responses from your study, online or CAPI surveys can be added as a separate service
. We can also translate your questionnaire into the languages you request, produce completed code plans and their translations, and finally provide you with the coded responses. Our skilled employees are specialised in the correct coding of text, and they are fast, professional and reliable. More time is required for longer and more complex questionnaires, since several different expressions can apply to every model response. The processing time depends on the length of the questionnaire, the number of respondents, the length and number or responses, the delivery date and the capacity of, and, of course, also on any special requests you might have.

For coding assignments, we charge a price according to the number of open answers.
For the translation of the questionnaire and code plan we charge according to the price per word of the source document or according to a set price per target language. For individually customised assignments we gladly work out an individual price for you.

Do you need fast and correct coding? Just ask us!
  • Digital coding of open answers
  • Translation of questionnaires, code plans and back-translations if required
  • Creation of code plans

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