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Welcome to is a professional transcription and translation agency, that has specialised in the processing and delegation of writing and translation assignments. offers comprehensive online services relating to writing, translation as well as text and data capturing. Coding and voice-over complete the diverse service portfolio: From the simple transcription of presentations to translations of highly scientific studies - the company carries out any service related to language services and digital text processing:

Our customers vary from small and medium-sized companies to individuals as well as companies with large industrial projects and groups of affiliated companies from all over the world - mainly from Central Europe, North America and South Africa. Specialised competence centres ensure precise processing and communication amongst others in the fields of tourism, business and law, medical and pharmaceutics, technology, market research, investor relations, research and education and e-learning. From Afrikaans to Zulu: Due to more than 600 professionals worldwide, even high specialised, very complex and extremly urgent projects can be covered in nearly all language combinations.

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Our project managers will offer you professional advice and will be delighted to contribute to the success of your project! Just ask us.

We are the right agency for your assignments because:

We work according to the following principles!

The Native Speaker Principle: All assignments are carried out by native speakers – they are not just translations. This means that every translator, every typist, every writer or editor will translate or edit in the language that s/he grew up with. In this way, we can ensure that all our assignments meet the required standards with regard to linguistic and cultural particularities.

The Four Eyes Principle: Our services and prices include proofreading by a second translator as well as an internal check as part of our quality management process.

DIN EN 15038: We comply with DIN EN 15038 in all our translation assignments. DIN EN 15038 is a quality standard for translation services. It covers the core translation process, but also the requirements for all staff involved in the translation process, working to guarantee the best quality for your project.  

We have good references!

If we don’t know each other personally yet, perhaps you’d like to take a look at our Customer Feedback. Out of the 47 companies we asked, all 47 would recommend us to others.

We have fair prices!

We do not have to live in an expensive city like Munich to be able to do translations and transcriptions or to compile texts. Therefore we have moved our headquarters to beautiful but inexpensive Cape Town and can now produce top quality for better prices.


We are professionals!

And that thanks to the size of our organisation. Instead of “one for all” we have a Competence Centre for each specialised field. Your assignments are therefore always in the best hands, professionally and personally, even with large volumes and tight deadlines.

Trust our professional writers and leave your translations, transcriptions and texts to us. We would be delighted to take on your project. By the way: with over 600 professional writers and translators we are one of the largest online writing services in the world. – Supplying insight into language.

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Did you know?
  • Thanks to having our company headquaters in Cape Town we are able to achieve savings of around 30 %.
  • Speed is important: 94 % of our clients praise our fast handling times.
  • Our Audio transcriptions are evaluated 75 % as "excellent" and 25 % as "good".
  • We bring the spoken word to paper.
  • We are available 24/7 (24 hours, 7 days a week).